Episode 08 – Celery Snikts

Today we have fun with our pal Danny Devine! Artist, Boardgame Designer, and all around swell guy! We talk about his game Harvest Dice and how an adamantium skeleton might help with weeding the carrots. We also chat about forgotten FBoardgames with Ilan Woll, a Patron of the show, and finally we Sniff some more games with the one, the only Bruce Voge!

You can find more out about Danny at 3ddevine.com, check out his artwork and for even more fun, check out his games!

Ghosts Love Candy, Harvest Dice and Topiary are just a few of the gems that he has created.

He also did the art for Flip the Table as well as this very show!

I mean seriously, what can Danny not do? The guy is a BoardGameLand powerhouse!

AND another contest appears!!! You will need to “sniff’ this one out as well. #IKillMyselfSometimes

And special thanks to zapsplat.com for sound effects and for helping me come up with some new music for our new segment. Check them out for all your creaky door sound needs.


Episode 07 – Detroit 9000 BC

We’ve got the one, the only Robert Couch on the show today! Strolling through BoardGameLand we find him at Draftys Castle! Home of drafts, drafts and drafts! And sometimes draughts! We discuss Robocop and the future (or the past?) of Detroit. We also visit with our friend KING Moderator Emeritus Chris and there is another surprise in store! Grab a glass of Ovaltine and enjoy the show!

You can find our good friend Robert on his own “Building the Game” podcast. Which is conviently located on the interwebs at http://buildingthegamepodcast.com

Robert also designs games and you can check out his recently published Saloon Tycoon game! Find it wherever fine board games are sold.

And in case you missed it, you can find the super secret thingy I was talking about in the episode right here… Super Secret Stuff

Enjoy the show, and have a great Saturday!

Sound effects provided by zapsplat.com – home of of all your creaky door needs.

Super Secret Decoder Cards are here!!!

Well here they are listeners! The Super Secret Decoder Cards! Print them out and keep them on hand at all times for when you need to decode secret messages delivered from Flip!

With these cards you will be able to crack some of the most uncrackable coded messages! Robotic Cryptography Monks tried their best to decode a simple phrase and they couldn’t do it! The power is now in your hands!

Stayed tuned to the podcast, the BGG guild, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you may be. You could receive a secret message at anytime!

INSTRUCTIONS: Before each message Flip will deliver 6 keywords. Cut out the cards, line the keywords up from left to right and that will give you one main cryptographical line to decode from. Don’t let them fall into the wrong hands.

WARNING: Cards will self destruct if they are touched by the wrong hands.

Dowload the cards via this handy link:   FFSSBGSDecoderCards

Episode 06 – Bat’leths and Battlecats

We are honored to have the King himself, KING JARED HUNNEFELD on the program today. We also dabble a bit into the origins of Punchy the Punchboard, everyones favorite cardboard pal! Then Trixie Tagmire will help us design a game where your musical instrument grows!!!

And…. Pssssttt… this episode is getting released a tad early because Flip hasn’t figured out the “delayed release” feature on his feed yet and he is headed off to SnowCon! So, HEY… Flips stupidity + need to go to a Con = you profit!

You can find Jared talking about the wrestleball on the Twittters at @Jared_Hunnefeld

More importantly you can find him on the Extra Life childrens charity page and help him raise money for childrens hospital. Which you can find at https://www.extra-life.org

Enjoy! Have fun! And have a Super Saturday!

And sound effects were sourced from zapsplat.com. Check them out for all you sniffing sound effect needs!

Episode 05 – Excellent Adventurers

BoardGameLand is a place full of adventure, most excellent adventures. Tag along as Flip chats with his good friend (and snocone eating platypus fan) Chaz Marler! And Michael Fox pops in again to tell us “What the deal is” with people who play board games about their own dismal lives.

You can find Chaz all over the interwebs

At Pair of Dice Paradise —> Pair of Dice Paradise Website

On the Youtubes —> Pair of Dice Paradise on Youtube

And on the Twitters —> @DiceParadise

Always entertaining and an all around great guy!

Episode 04 – Droppin’ Sprockets

In this episode we head to the outskirts of BoardGameLand to a little known area known as FunkyTown. Flip has never been accused of having “sick moves on the dance floor” so he is a tad out of his element. He is rescued by his good friend Bruce Voge. Moderator Chris also returns to exercise some olfactories as well.
And WHAT? Another Contest? YUP!

Check out Bruce’s show The Party Gamecast, featuring the Party Gamecast a podcast about party games and games you take to parties right here —> The Party Gamecast

You can also find him on the Twitters at multiple places, such as @northstargames @brucecothinks @partygamecast and you should follow the cat as well at @partygamecat

Also check out the fine folks at North Star Games you’ll be glad you did.

Episode 03 – Laserdisc Quickdraw

You think you’ve got what it takes to ride a lightcycle punk? Well… do ya? Sometimes in BoardGameLand there are the Quick and the “Rolled high on the Dexterity chart” types. Join me as I bump into Crystal Pisano from Board Game Blitz, chat with one of the Devine clan, and wrap up some Egyptian mysteries with Gil Hova.

Definitely check out Crystal’s site. They have been friends of Flip the Table for years, and are considered to be kindred spirits.

You can find Crystals amazing podcast here —> Board Game Blitz site

And you can tweet at her at @CrystalPisano

Episode 02 – Wonderful Wizarding Warpdrives

We return to BoardGameLand  and meet up with our pal Bill Corey Jr. from the Cubist! Then Curtis Hill and I venture into a bit of video game chat about the pros and cons of eating garbage. Remember kids, talk to your parent or guardian before eating something out of an exploding barrel.

Plus a Contest!!! How do you like that?

You can find Bill Corey’s podcast here —>The Cubist Podcast

And on Twitter as well! —> @BillCoreyJr

Episode 01 – Moderately Entertaining

Buckle in listeners as we take our first foray into BoardGameLand with Flip and friends. In this episode, we meet up with Moderator Chris from Flip the Table and discuss how to chill while getting hit with a pugil stick. Chill out with Michael Fox, and do something fishy with Bruce Voge of Book Chat fame.

Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial owes 86.75% of everything we have created to Flip the Table and Moderator Chris, so please go check them out!

You can find all of the Flip the Table surviving in the bunker below the ruins of FTT Towers by looking at…

Flip the Tables Website

on the Facebooks —> FTT Facebook Page

at their BGG Guild —> FTT BGG Guild

or on Twitter at @tableflipsyou