Episode 12 – Formula Fizzgig

In this episode we bump into our good friend Jason Tagmire from Button Shy games! We talk about Gelflings and Skeksis and how they would race through the countryside. We have a bunch of announcements, including one BIG one,  and our first correction! How fun is that?

And don’t worry folks! We have more sniffing action with our pal Robert Couch! And a contest! What more could you ask for?

You can check out Jason’s website at
You can also check out his latest kickstarter at
https://www.kickstarter.com and search for “button shy wallet games” it will pop right up.

And as always, if you are looking for the sound of an actual pin dropping you can find it at zapsplat.com

Episode 11 – Operation Four Pie

In this episode we take a jaunt into the realm of VideoGameLand (but keep our feet in BoardGameLand)! Curtis Hill, one of the Game Night Guys hangs out with us and chats about Call of Duty mashed up with some classic games!

We also have bad puns, and a visit with our friend Trixie Tagmire!
Also news on our upcoming live show! And check out our website, its slowly taking shape! We’ve got a few more linky-links looking all snazzy like.

You can find out more about Curtis’ show Game Night Guys at gamenightguys.com Give it a listen, its a fun time!

You also can check our website at boardgameserial.com

And for all your nail dropping sound needs check out zapsplat.com

Happy Saturday folks!

Episode 10 – SmurfHammer 5000

EPISODE 10 – Can you believe it?
In this episode we meet up with our friend Gil Hova and talk about Powering Grids with Smurfberries. Audio quality of the main segment could of been a tad better, but the episode if smack full of surprises! It will not Smurfin’ disappoint!

We also get to chat with our pal Evan Summerer and his Dad for a bit.

And you get to hear all about the next impossible to ever get game HUGZ! Look for it at an imaginary Kickstarter near you!

And please check out Gils upcoming Kickstarter Bad Medicine: Second Opinion which is dropping on Kickstarter in March.

Check out his podcast (which is one of my permanent top three fave podcasts) Ludology at Ludology.net

and keep your eyes out for The Networks: Executives!


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Episode 09 – Fields of Gagh

Hey there listeners! Good Saturday Morning!

And what goes great with Saturday Morning podcast listening? You guessed it! A nice writhing bowl of Gagh! I’m sure Captain Crunch was looking to get into the Gagh business, probably didn’t pass the pain trials that every Klingon FDA applicant has to go through…

Well, in this episode we bump into the fantastic Michael Fox. We chat with Dustin Devine about feasting and Bill Corey tells us all about dwarves making out!
And if you want to check out Michael Fox’s site you should do so. He is a pretty cool dude.
You can find him at http://littlemetaldog.com

and on the Twitters at @idlemichael

And how could I forget? We announce the winners for 3, count ’em 3 contests!

And once again, if you are looking for squirming worms sounds you can find them at zapsplat.com