Episode 58 – Mega Meeple Phoenix Fun!

Hey there! This episode I bump into my pal Thomas Grogan from The Mega Meeple! We chat about his number one game (and one I have heard a lot of buzz about) Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn! Its a game with a CCG feel, without the commitment of getting into a CCG. And its got dice! Who doesn’t love dice?

So, hop on in and check out the episode!
Next week, we will be getting a bit more into the new format, new ideas and LEANING INTO all things Saturday Morning!
Until then, head on over to the Mega Meeples place on the interwebs and check out what he is doing!


Episode 57 – Goldfish and Gizmos

Gaming! Gizmos! Goldfish! GMeeples! In this episode I bump into my pal Roy Cannaday. We chat about the game Gizmos, Pet stores, and what would make for a good slot machine (even though neither of us really gamble). So find out about how we can make a game about mad scientist crazy inventions combine with our furry, feathered, and finned friends!

And while you are on this device, why not check out Roys Youtube channel, its 132% entertaining to the MAX!

And you can check out Gizmos on BGG right here!


Episode 56 – Granitextravaganza II!

Image may contain: 6 people, including Flip Florey and Gil Hova, people smiling, beard and selfie
Hey! We are back at the Granite Game Summit in Nashua New Hampshire! This is a special crossover episode with our pals from the Family Gamers! AND our old friend Moderator Chris! AND Gil Hova from Ludology! AND Super Pal JASON LEES!!! AND LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE!
Its a regular super board game party going on, and everyone is winning! Come and listen as we, guess which game is in the middle, how games smell, and wits will be battled!
Plus, we announce a couple of contest winners! One for our “Fun Sized Cereal Box Game” and the other from the credits of our last episode (oooooohhhhh…. secret contest).

And while you’re at it, you should check out ALL THE LINKS to our guests shows and kickstarters.

Episode 55 – Bits, Boards, and Battletoads

In this episode we journey on the borders of BoardGameLand and take a step into the Arcade Castle. We visit with our friend John Kaelin from arcadecastle.com. We chat about video games of yesteryear and try to figure out “Will it game”? Its full of the raiding of rivers, the battling of toads, and dangerously flying luggage!

Make sure to go and check out John’s podcast the Arcade Castle over at arcadecastle.com. He also has a Facebook Group and is on the Twitters at @thearcadecastle

Episode 54 – Two Idiots on the Prairie

After what seemed like a long two-ish months we are back on the podcasting airwaves! I sit down with my good pal Matt Jude from This Game is Broken and we have a discussion on “Will it Game”? Also an update on our live show coming up at the Granite Game Summit, and I chat a bit about the future of the show! Great things coming up! Season 2 is going to shine!

Now jump in and enjoy!