Episode 60 – A Head in the Game!

Come and join us Flipsters in bygone era of board gaming! In an era where a hero only needed to use his head to fight against the evil-doers bent on destroying everything. And when I say “only to needed to use his head”, I mean JUST THAT. Only their head. Join me and Chris Whitpan while we chat about the Captain America Game featuring the Falcon and the Avengers! A slow spiral towards the middle, with a spinner, and 4 sets of Cap, AND the Falcon!
And Chris faces the ultimate “Is it a head or not a head” challenge!

You can find Chris’ show here…

And check out his website as well!

Episode 59 – Epic Megafun!

Robots! Dice! Punchboards! MegaFun! Any person who owns a robot, what are they going to do? Put it in a battle arena of course!!! I meet up with my pal Roy Cannaday from Epic Gaming Night to play Dicebot Megafun! A fun little realtime dice grabbing, robot building, and card fighting game! We take some questions from the listeners, and chat a bit about 3D printing (and how it pertains to gaming).

You can check out Dicebot Megafun on BGG


And you can check out all of the awesome content Roy puts out over at Epic Gaming night!