Episode 01 – Moderately Entertaining

Buckle in listeners as we take our first foray into BoardGameLand with Flip and friends. In this episode, we meet up with Moderator Chris from Flip the Table and discuss how to chill while getting hit with a pugil stick. Chill out with Michael Fox, and do something fishy with Bruce Voge of Book Chat fame.

Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial owes 86.75% of everything we have created to Flip the Table and Moderator Chris, so please go check them out!

You can find all of the Flip the Table surviving in the bunker below the ruins of FTT Towers by looking at…

Flip the Tables Website

on the Facebooks —> FTT Facebook Page

at their BGG Guild —> FTT BGG Guild

or on Twitter at @tableflipsyou


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