Episode 06 – Bat’leths and Battlecats

We are honored to have the King himself, KING JARED HUNNEFELD on the program today. We also dabble a bit into the origins of Punchy the Punchboard, everyones favorite cardboard pal! Then Trixie Tagmire will help us design a game where your musical instrument grows!!!

And…. Pssssttt… this episode is getting released a tad early because Flip hasn’t figured out the “delayed release” feature on his feed yet and he is headed off to SnowCon! So, HEY… Flips stupidity + need to go to a Con = you profit!

You can find Jared talking about the wrestleball on the Twittters at @Jared_Hunnefeld

More importantly you can find him on the Extra Life childrens charity page and help him raise money for childrens hospital. Which you can find at https://www.extra-life.org

Enjoy! Have fun! And have a Super Saturday!

And sound effects were sourced from zapsplat.com. Check them out for all you sniffing sound effect needs!

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