Episode 07 – Detroit 9000 BC

We’ve got the one, the only Robert Couch on the show today! Strolling through BoardGameLand we find him at Draftys Castle! Home of drafts, drafts and drafts! And sometimes draughts! We discuss Robocop and the future (or the past?) of Detroit. We also visit with our friend KING Moderator Emeritus Chris and there is another surprise in store! Grab a glass of Ovaltine and enjoy the show!

You can find our good friend Robert on his own “Building the Game” podcast. Which is conviently located on the interwebs at http://buildingthegamepodcast.com

Robert also designs games and you can check out his recently published Saloon Tycoon game! Find it wherever fine board games are sold.

And in case you missed it, you can find the super secret thingy I was talking about in the episode right here… Super Secret Stuff

Enjoy the show, and have a great Saturday!

Sound effects provided by zapsplat.com – home of of all your creaky door needs.

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