Episode 08 – Celery Snikts

Today we have fun with our pal Danny Devine! Artist, Boardgame Designer, and all around swell guy! We talk about his game Harvest Dice and how an adamantium skeleton might help with weeding the carrots. We also chat about forgotten FBoardgames with Ilan Woll, a Patron of the show, and finally we Sniff some more games with the one, the only Bruce Voge!

You can find more out about Danny at 3ddevine.com, check out his artwork and for even more fun, check out his games!

Ghosts Love Candy, Harvest Dice and Topiary are just a few of the gems that he has created.

He also did the art for Flip the Table as well as this very show!

I mean seriously, what can Danny not do? The guy is a BoardGameLand powerhouse!

AND another contest appears!!! You will need to “sniff’ this one out as well. #IKillMyselfSometimes

And special thanks to zapsplat.com for sound effects and for helping me come up with some new music for our new segment. Check them out for all your creaky door sound needs.


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