Episode 09 – Fields of Gagh

Hey there listeners! Good Saturday Morning!

And what goes great with Saturday Morning podcast listening? You guessed it! A nice writhing bowl of Gagh! I’m sure Captain Crunch was looking to get into the Gagh business, probably didn’t pass the pain trials that every Klingon FDA applicant has to go through…

Well, in this episode we bump into the fantastic Michael Fox. We chat with Dustin Devine about feasting and Bill Corey tells us all about dwarves making out!
And if you want to check out Michael Fox’s site you should do so. He is a pretty cool dude.
You can find him at http://littlemetaldog.com

and on the Twitters at @idlemichael

And how could I forget? We announce the winners for 3, count ’em 3 contests!

And once again, if you are looking for squirming worms sounds you can find them at zapsplat.com

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