Episode 11 – Operation Four Pie

In this episode we take a jaunt into the realm of VideoGameLand (but keep our feet in BoardGameLand)! Curtis Hill, one of the Game Night Guys hangs out with us and chats about Call of Duty mashed up with some classic games!

We also have bad puns, and a visit with our friend Trixie Tagmire!
Also news on our upcoming live show! And check out our website, its slowly taking shape! We’ve got a few more linky-links looking all snazzy like.

You can find out more about Curtis’ show Game Night Guys at gamenightguys.com Give it a listen, its a fun time!

You also can check our website at boardgameserial.com

And for all your nail dropping sound needs check out zapsplat.com

Happy Saturday folks!

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