Episode 15 – Melfapeltazard

In this episode we bump into no other than the golden voice of the Dice Tower Network, Eric Summerer! The Gamefication wheel picks a SHOCKER of a game for him, and even more shocking retheme! You will not believe it! We also have our first game review on this episode!

Plus #THELASTYELLOWMEEPILLOW giveaway is still going on (March 20th is the final day). So head on over to our BGG guild and enter!

And haven’t you always wanted to do the funky chicken, for all the world to see? Check out our game review and find out how #SUPERSATURDAYFUNKYCHICKEN can change your game library’s life.

You can also check out Eric on the Dice Tower podcast. You’ve probably, maybe heard of them. They review games and stuff… You know. Check ’em out at dicetower.com

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