Episode 16 – Granexstravaganza

Its our first LIVE episode from the Granite Game Summit. This episode is just jammed full of fun. Moderator Emeritus Chris Michaud is our  main guest/cohost. We meet our friend Piper and talk about her game. Jason Tagmire jumps in to tell us “Whats the Deal?” with Moff Tarkin. And once again Gil Hova is on the hot seat! PLUS, our most awesomest guest STUDIO AUDIENCE makes an apperance! CUBE! PUNCHY! Its a Grand Time and the Granite Game Summit!

Its also pretty long, you can totally file this one under MEGA-sode.

You can check out all of Chris’s fantastic content at http://tableflipsyou.com 

You can check out the Granite Game Summit at http://granitegamesummit.com

You can check out Jason Tagmire’s fantastic game company at http://buttonshygames.com

and Gil Hova does a fantastic podcast which you can catch at http://ludology.net

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