Episode 22 – Pony Paladin Party Time!

In this episode My Little Scythe gets mentioned, then My Little Scythe gets mentioned again, and can you believe it? We talk about My Little Ponies and One Deck Dungeon with our good friends Chip Beauvais and Eve Beauvais. Its a great primer on the wider world of My Little Ponies and how they could work their way into beating a dungeon WITH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP

We also chat with “The Golden Voice of the DTN” Eric Summerer about another Blockbuster film. If Rampage could happen, why not Jenga? Lets see…

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One Reply to “Episode 22 – Pony Paladin Party Time!”

  1. Loved having Eve on the show. She really made the game discussion much more entertaining.

    Eric missed the obvious tie-in to Ready Player One’s “Stacks” with his Jenga explanation, but I’ll admit that the description made it much more interesting.

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