Episode 27 – Spam Thief!

In this episode we meet up with our good friend Chris Whitpan from the Game All Nite Show! We discuss Stop Thief! and how awesome the plastic “Squawk Box” is and how it is destined to be replaced by a cell phone app. Plus we talk about something completely different and try to mash it into Stop Thief! Do we succeed? Or is it as dead as a parrot? Only you can judge!

We also meet up with our friend Evan Summerer and his Dad Eric! We chat about what possible game “War of the Ring” could be. SPOILER: There are robots involved! Why not?

You can check out Chris’ show on Youtube or go to his website to learn more about it here…


And if you want to check in our progress on “BSG-ing the Monopoly-enean” (also known as the next BIG thing) you find it here.


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