Episode 29 – Death of Love

In this episode we arrive at the table to only end up waiting… Why? Because Gary Pope from Late to the Table is here this week! Its well worth the wait though. We talk about a great 2 player game called Fog of Love and a great anime called Deathnote! How are these two going to work? AND we have a very special Sniffin’ Spiel segment this week. If you like smelling games, you will 1000% not want to miss this one! Crystal Pisano of Board Game Blitz fame is here this week to help us on our olfactory adventure!

You can find Gary’s Youtube channel here ->¬† ¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTGJYA9C07O7RLcWGcb7igQ

And check out Crystals podcast Board Game Blitz while you’re at it. Its really good stuff as well.

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