Episode 31 – Bazaar Bizarre!

In this episode we hang out with the Family Gamers! We chat about Mall Madness and what kind of madness ensues when we envision that Mall existing in the realm of Hyrule. Thats right! We are getting all Zelda up in here!

We also have the Super Saturday Super Six results in. It was a close race all around,  but we’ve got some interesting choices this time around.

And POGS! Yes, Pogs are coming. Our friends over at Board Game Blitz, Epic Game Night, and Plumpy Thimble, along with Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial are kicking off the Pog revolution! Watch out world! And make sure to watch the videos Ambie from Board Game Blitz made kicking off  this awesome adventure!

music video is here:

and how to play is here:

And you can find The Family Gamers over at their website, right here, thefamilygamers.com

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