Episode 36 – Cupcakes and Crossroads

In this episode we visit with our good friend Max Davie from Games 4 Families! We chat about 2 things that are really not that far apart from each other. You guessed it! Zombie invasions and Childrens Birthday Parties! There’s crying, there’s running, there’s puking, and primal feelings of just trying to survive come to the surface. Reminds me of plenty of parties I have been to!

And contests! We have some contests brewing, some have winners and we just might have a contest “hidden” in this episode. Take a listen and find out!

And if you want to see what Max is up to, go ahead and check out his site.


Make sure to visit our friends over at Top Shelf fun as well!


And another week with Super Saturday Super Secret Coloring Guild pictures! Fun!

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