Episode 46 – Boardgaming 2000

What is gaming in the future like? Well, look no further gentle listeners! This is what its all about! Game Cafes! The perfect combination of Restaurant/Bar and Game Store and Library! We visit with our friend Keating Tufts from Boards and Brews Game Cafe in Manchester NH! We chat all about Boards and Brews and field a couple of questions from the listeners as well!

Make sure to go check out a local game cafe if you can, even one that is not so local. You will not regret it.
You can also go and check out Boards and Brews website over here at https://www.boardsandbrewsnh.com

And while you are clicking around the interwebs, why not check out our Podpledge page? You will gain 100 SUPER karma points!

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