Episode 03 – Laserdisc Quickdraw

You think you’ve got what it takes to ride a lightcycle punk? Well… do ya? Sometimes in BoardGameLand there are the Quick and the “Rolled high on the Dexterity chart” types. Join me as I bump into Crystal Pisano from Board Game Blitz, chat with one of the Devine clan, and wrap up some Egyptian mysteries with Gil Hova.

Definitely check out Crystal’s site. They have been friends of Flip the Table for years, and are considered to be kindred spirits.

You can find Crystals amazing podcast here —> Board Game Blitz site

And you can tweet at her at @CrystalPisano

Episode 02 – Wonderful Wizarding Warpdrives

We return to BoardGameLand  and meet up with our pal Bill Corey Jr. from the Cubist! Then Curtis Hill and I venture into a bit of video game chat about the pros and cons of eating garbage. Remember kids, talk to your parent or guardian before eating something out of an exploding barrel.

Plus a Contest!!! How do you like that?

You can find Bill Corey’s podcast here —>The Cubist Podcast

And on Twitter as well! —> @BillCoreyJr

Episode 01 – Moderately Entertaining

Buckle in listeners as we take our first foray into BoardGameLand with Flip and friends. In this episode, we meet up with Moderator Chris from Flip the Table and discuss how to chill while getting hit with a pugil stick. Chill out with Michael Fox, and do something fishy with Bruce Voge of Book Chat fame.

Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial owes 86.75% of everything we have created to Flip the Table and Moderator Chris, so please go check them out!

You can find all of the Flip the Table surviving in the bunker below the ruins of FTT Towers by looking at…

Flip the Tables Website

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