Super Secret Decoder Cards are here!!!

Well here they are listeners! The Super Secret Decoder Cards! Print them out and keep them on hand at all times for when you need to decode secret messages delivered from Flip!

With these cards you will be able to crack some of the most uncrackable coded messages! Robotic Cryptography Monks tried their best to decode a simple phrase and they couldn’t do it! The power is now in your hands!

Stayed tuned to the podcast, the BGG guild, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you may be. You could receive a secret message at anytime!

INSTRUCTIONS: Before each message Flip will deliver 6 keywords. Cut out the cards, line the keywords up from left to right and that will give you one main cryptographical line to decode from. Don’t let them fall into the wrong hands.

WARNING: Cards will self destruct if they are touched by the wrong hands.

Dowload the cards via this handy link:   FFSSBGSDecoderCards

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  1. I don’t know if I’ll be disappointed or relieved if the first message doesn’t exhort us to drink our Ovaltine. 🙂

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