Episode 60 – A Head in the Game!

Come and join us Flipsters in bygone era of board gaming! In an era where a hero only needed to use his head to fight against the evil-doers bent on destroying everything. And when I say “only to needed to use his head”, I mean JUST THAT. Only their head. Join me and Chris Whitpan while we chat about the Captain America Game featuring the Falcon and the Avengers! A slow spiral towards the middle, with a spinner, and 4 sets of Cap, AND the Falcon!
And Chris faces the ultimate “Is it a head or not a head” challenge!

You can find Chris’ show here…

And check out his website as well!

Episode 59 – Epic Megafun!

Robots! Dice! Punchboards! MegaFun! Any person who owns a robot, what are they going to do? Put it in a battle arena of course!!! I meet up with my pal Roy Cannaday from Epic Gaming Night to play Dicebot Megafun! A fun little realtime dice grabbing, robot building, and card fighting game! We take some questions from the listeners, and chat a bit about 3D printing (and how it pertains to gaming).

You can check out Dicebot Megafun on BGG


And you can check out all of the awesome content Roy puts out over at Epic Gaming night!


Episode 58 – Mega Meeple Phoenix Fun!

Hey there! This episode I bump into my pal Thomas Grogan from The Mega Meeple! We chat about his number one game (and one I have heard a lot of buzz about) Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn! Its a game with a CCG feel, without the commitment of getting into a CCG. And its got dice! Who doesn’t love dice?

So, hop on in and check out the episode!
Next week, we will be getting a bit more into the new format, new ideas and LEANING INTO all things Saturday Morning!
Until then, head on over to the Mega Meeples place on the interwebs and check out what he is doing!


Episode 57 – Goldfish and Gizmos

Gaming! Gizmos! Goldfish! GMeeples! In this episode I bump into my pal Roy Cannaday. We chat about the game Gizmos, Pet stores, and what would make for a good slot machine (even though neither of us really gamble). So find out about how we can make a game about mad scientist crazy inventions combine with our furry, feathered, and finned friends!

And while you are on this device, why not check out Roys Youtube channel, its 132% entertaining to the MAX!

And you can check out Gizmos on BGG right here!


Episode 56 – Granitextravaganza II!

Image may contain: 6 people, including Flip Florey and Gil Hova, people smiling, beard and selfie
Hey! We are back at the Granite Game Summit in Nashua New Hampshire! This is a special crossover episode with our pals from the Family Gamers! AND our old friend Moderator Chris! AND Gil Hova from Ludology! AND Super Pal JASON LEES!!! AND LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE!
Its a regular super board game party going on, and everyone is winning! Come and listen as we, guess which game is in the middle, how games smell, and wits will be battled!
Plus, we announce a couple of contest winners! One for our “Fun Sized Cereal Box Game” and the other from the credits of our last episode (oooooohhhhh…. secret contest).

And while you’re at it, you should check out ALL THE LINKS to our guests shows and kickstarters.

Episode 55 – Bits, Boards, and Battletoads

In this episode we journey on the borders of BoardGameLand and take a step into the Arcade Castle. We visit with our friend John Kaelin from arcadecastle.com. We chat about video games of yesteryear and try to figure out “Will it game”? Its full of the raiding of rivers, the battling of toads, and dangerously flying luggage!

Make sure to go and check out John’s podcast the Arcade Castle over at arcadecastle.com. He also has a Facebook Group and is on the Twitters at @thearcadecastle

Episode 54 – Two Idiots on the Prairie

After what seemed like a long two-ish months we are back on the podcasting airwaves! I sit down with my good pal Matt Jude from This Game is Broken and we have a discussion on “Will it Game”? Also an update on our live show coming up at the Granite Game Summit, and I chat a bit about the future of the show! Great things coming up! Season 2 is going to shine!

Now jump in and enjoy!

Episode 53 – 365 Unpainted Minis

Hey there Flipsters! In this episode we hang out with Chip Beauvais and talk about tweeting, gaming, and how the he has successfully joined the two in not ONE, not TWO, but HOW MANY accounts you might ask? Well, take a listen and find out! Plus, I announce the winner of the 3D Cities for Terraforming Mars and also (dons super serious hat) I announce that the podcast is going on a month-ish hiatus. In a nutshell, I’m looking for a job. And I need to adult up and dedicate all of my time and energy towards securing my next opportunity! 
Never fear gentle listener, we will be back in Season 2 of Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial! It will be here before you know it! 
So, keep the faith, keep on gaming, keep on Saturdaying! And HAVE FUN! 

Episode 52 – PAXU Live!

In this episode we are at PAXU! in Philly! Along with my friends Andrew Smith from The Family Gamers, Chris Whitpan from Game All Nite, and Bruce Voge from The Party GameCast, North Star Games, as well as On Board Games. The Gamefication Wheel makes an  appearance, the Rethemeification Wheel shows up! Audience participation! Prizes! And we chat about Betrayl at the House on the Hill rethemed with Evolution! 

Also HUGE THANKS to Tiki Tiki Games, Top Shelf Fun! and Game Up! 
I’m so sorry about the poor audio quality on this episode, but there are more surprises in store! Have a listen and then go check out this plethora of links. 


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Episode 51 – Stargate GO!

In this episode we meet up with our old pal from the Dice Tower, Eric Summerer! We chat about one of the most popular licenses that keeps on going! You guessed it, Stargate! We talk about how we would possibly bring this great movie/show/CCG/whatever you wish to the board game world!

And if you’re curious about the Dice Tower, you can find the whole network and flagship show here at…

And don’t forget we have a live show coming up at PAXU! http://unplugged.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/flip-floreys-super-saturday-board-game-serial-live-show

And while you are clicking around the interwebs, why not check out our Podpledge page? You will gain 100 SUPER karma points!

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