Episode 10 – SmurfHammer 5000

EPISODE 10 – Can you believe it?
In this episode we meet up with our friend Gil Hova and talk about Powering Grids with Smurfberries. Audio quality of the main segment could of been a tad better, but the episode if smack full of surprises! It will not Smurfin’ disappoint!

We also get to chat with our pal Evan Summerer and his Dad for a bit.

And you get to hear all about the next impossible to ever get game HUGZ! Look for it at an imaginary Kickstarter near you!

And please check out Gils upcoming Kickstarter Bad Medicine: Second Opinion which is dropping on Kickstarter in March.

Check out his podcast (which is one of my permanent top three fave podcasts) Ludology at Ludology.net

and keep your eyes out for The Networks: Executives!


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